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What we do demands insight, and that only comes from experience.
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For almost 50 years we have advised on all manner of complex leadership issues
What we do demands insight – and that insight comes from our many years experience in business and from advising clients on complex and sometimes sensitive matters.

The partners and consultants of Friisberg & Partners International all have vast knowledge in their respective fields, which can be of huge benefit to their clients, even when there is no recruitment required.

Friisberg has advised on Organisational Design, Succession Planning, Global and Local Restructuring, Risk Management and an enormous array of Governance issues – internationally. Many of our people were formerly management consultants with the BIG4 and other high-profile consultancy firms and every one of us has met innumerable senior executives, gleaning more insights with every conversation. We therefore have in-depth understanding of the markets, sectors and business functions in which we specialise.

If your organisation is in need of advice on its leadership, then whatever the nature of the issue, contact a Friisberg partner to discuss how it might be best addressed.
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ESG Advice

Making a difference means doing things differently.

Transformation & Change

From where you are to where you want to be.

Executive Assessment

Evidenced-based evaluation of an individual’s abilities and potential.

Management Audit

Detailed analysis and review of a leadership team.

Business Partnering

Matchmaking for businesses with shared interests.

Coaching & Mentoring

Tailored support for an individual executive.

Network Advisory

Visualise and analyse the connections and relationships in your business.


World-class consulting in negotiation.

Let’s solve it together

Wrestling with complex people issues? Share your problems and we’ll devise and deliver pragmatic solutions – how can we help?
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