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Attracting and securing great people for your business.
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Executive Search

By securing the best executive talent for you, we significantly advance the competitiveness and performance of your business.

Technology, globalisation, new working patterns and a multitude of other factors are resulting in constant change. Successful leaders are addressing the issues of the future now.

We identify and select leaders who have the potential and experience to innovate and realign your business to generate and take advantage of opportunities. For those entrusted with such roles, especially in challenging times, a personality with the right leadership characteristics is critical. These are the leaders we carefully research and approach for you.

We listen to you. Through close dialogue we develop a clear profile of the expectations and requirements of the person you wish to appoint. Based on our many years’ experience and extensive networks we then design a search process to identify and target those with the relevant skills, experience, backgrounds and personal characteristics.
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Our success is built on trust. We value regular interaction with you throughout our search assignments. Personal and open communication between us and the key people in your company ensures understanding and the best possible search outcomes.
We have deep knowledge across many sectors, industries, and markets. We are familiar with the countries and regions in which you operate. Our networks are already extensive, and our detailed research always expands them further. We understand the challenges your business faces, and how to reach the people it needs.


Our searches are thorough. Every assignment is shaped by the brief. Your confidence in our work is important to us. In addition to rigorous and detailed research to identify candidates with the necessary and relevant experience, we take great care to assess and evaluate their fit with your company culture and with other members of your leadership team.
the brief
research & approaches
interviews & evaluation
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the brief

We ask the right questions. We consult with owners, board members, senior management, and others too if appropriate. The more we understand the role requirements, the company culture, the strategic objectives, the issues, the problems and the personalities - the better able we are to target and focus our research.
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research & approaches

We collate data on targeted candidates from multiple sources. In addition to published information, we may invite recommendations from trusted relevant people in our networks. In consultation with you we will contact prospective candidates to establish their level of interest in the role. Every approach is sensitive, professional and discreet.
interviews evaluation

interviews & evaluation

Once mutual interest is confirmed, we invite the strongest candidates to meet us for tailored interviews. We recommend a shortlist comprising those with the best alignment of skills and experience to the brief and whose personalities, attitudes and leadership styles will enrich your company.
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We are there for you and your new appointee during and long after offer and acceptance. We broker the contract terms, verify identity, take references and guide both client and candidate towards a mutually agreeable conclusion. Once in post, we maintain regular contact with you and the successful candidate to ensure a smooth induction.


We get our clients the outcomes they need, it is our primary purpose.


We have very experienced people, who are leaders in their fields.


We always work closely with our clients, and relationships matter to us.


We have extensive networks and contacts that will lead us to the right people.

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