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we hope you will join the tens of thousands of other executives all over the world that have already connected with Friisberg & Partners International on GatedTalent.

Your Privacy Preserved

GatedTalent is a global online platform where executives can share their profiles privately with only the search firms they know and trust.

Profiles cannot be seen by the public, nor by anyone else other than the executive search firms selected by the executive.

GatedTalent profiles do NOT show in search engine results.

You’re in Control

Your profile can only be edited by you. So, what and how much detail you share, and with whom, is entirely up to you. Your profile can be updated whenever and however you choose.

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Our search professionals may not have an opportunity to discuss with you immediately, but if something suitable comes up in the future, they will be able to find your profile, review your relevance and, if appropriate, contact you to discuss the details with you.

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