FJ Smith

Abu DhabiUnited Arab Emirates
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FJ Smith joins Friisberg & Partners UAE with extensive experience in executive recruitment and coaching, behavioural profiling and psychometrics, and talent management. She has worked internationally in HR for 20 years and has a consistent commitment to developing her coaching methodologies and practices.

She has worked within a variety of high-pressure industries including international banking, insurance, engineering, marketing and media. Much of her project work and consultancy is through times of change and transformation.

FJ is also a HRM professional, and amongst many contributions has redesigned and implemented new recruitment processes and practices within a number of international organisations. This includes implementing systems and user interfaces instrumental to direct hiring strategies and performance outcomes.

She has conducted over 20,000 interviews and behavioural profiling assessments to C-suite level.

In 2021 she was awarded Top 50 Global Woman of Inspiration by HH Sheikha Jawaher Al Khalifa for her work with Young Adults across the Middle East.

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