Network Advisory

Visualise and analyse the connections and relationships in your business.
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We have the ideas and the abilities to come up with new approaches.
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We are careful and accurate in the work we do, and the advice we give.
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We have very experienced people, who are leaders in their fields.
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We always work closely with our clients, and relationships matter to us.

FNA - Friisberg Network Advisory

Our AI supported Organisational Development software tool enables the visualization, analysis and enhancement of relationships.
We reveal, identify, map and address:
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Culture and shared values
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Communication pathways
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Cooperative groups
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Key people
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Retention and engagement problems
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Performance bottlenecks
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Detached leaders
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Silo structures
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Innovation roadblocks
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Let’s visualise your relationships

Need to know who the key people are in your business, and how they relate to others? Our AI tool can show you – ask for a demonstration.
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