Coaching & Mentoring

We understand the attitudes, strategies and action plans of successful leaders.

We listen, discuss and share insights to set and guide an individual on a course towards meeting their career goals.


We work on confidential assignments. You can entrust us with sensitive projects.
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We identify and adopt workable solutions to complex problems.
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We are available to our clients when and where they need us.
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We are one of the longest established Executive Search firms, founded in 1977.

We spend a significant proportion of our time interviewing and evaluating senior people.

Our close and frequent interaction with successful executives means we recognise winning attitudes, successful life strategies and productive action plans. Similarly, we also gain insights into mistakes made and lessons learned.

Our knowledge can be shared and transferred to other individuals through Coaching & Mentoring. We instruct and inform, maybe even encourage, direct and guide an individual along a professional career path, towards a personal goal, or simply to a heightened self-awareness of, and confidence in, their own skills and abilities.
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Let’s prepare for your future

Unsure what’s coming next, where you are going, or how to get there? Confide in us and we will guide and support you – trust us with your future.
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