World-class consulting in negotiation.


We get our clients the outcomes they need, it is our primary purpose.
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We identify and adopt workable solutions to complex problems.
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We are careful and accurate in the work we do, and the advice we give.
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We always work closely with our clients, and relationships matter to us.

Our commercial negotiation programmes enable your people to:

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Understand the principles of successful negotiation
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Maximise opportunities
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Achieve better results
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Plan and prepare for any commercial negotiation
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Understand the other party and how they approach negotiation
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Shift the balance of power
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Develop trust
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Control progress of a negotiation
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Influence outcomes through behaviours
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Manage a negotiation team
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Understand the psychology of negotiation
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Negotiate remotely
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provides consultancy, training and digital solutions that help businesses negotiate more effectively.

Dramatically improve the outcome of your negotiations. We equip your people to drive increases in revenue, profit, growth, or any other metric.

Provide support for mergers and acquisitions, joint business plans, strategic planning and price increases. We customise our impactful and training and development programmes to upskill the people conducting your negotiations.

Change the way you negotiate. We improve negotiation strategy and negotiation behaviours. Our programmes are tailored to your requirements, but all are impactful, practical, engaging, embedded and employ proven and repeatable methods that can make a dramatic positive difference.

Practitioners rather than theorists. Our programmes are based on over 25 years of experience of commercial negotiation. Our experience spans: FMCG, Retail, Technology, Energy, Manufacturing, Sport, Leisure, Media, Financial Services and Public Sector.

We have worked extensively with both ‘sides’ of a negotiation (procurement, sales, finance, legal, agents) and as a result have a unique understanding of every perspective in a commercial negotiation. Our ability to impart an appreciation of how the other party approaches a negotiation is one of the reasons why our programmes are immediately beneficial.

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Want the best possible outcomes? Understand the art and science of negotiation, and ensure it’s always done brilliantly by you and your people – ask us, we’ll make it happen.
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