Case Study Engineering

Case Study Engineering

31 August 2020

Management Audit

International Firm

Consulting Engineers

Leadership Review & Development


We were approached by the Managing Director of the advisory practice of this large and well-known firm.

He invited us to design and deliver thorough assessments of both his existing and prospective leaders. Capability reviews had often been used internally to inform decisions on recruitment, development and promotion, but the MD wanted an independent, consistent and expert assessment of leadership competence and potential.

We were initially engaged to assess members of the advisory practice leadership team, but went on to assess over 100 senior managers across both the advisory practice and the business support services division.


Assessments lasted a full day for each participant, and examined each individual against a carefully defined set of leadership skills, behaviours and values. We observed and reported working practices and leadership styles using:

• Interviews
• Role Plays
• Situational Judgement Scenarios
• Critical Thinking Appraisals
• Cognitive Ability Tests
• Financial Analysis Case Studies
• In-Tray Exercises
• Presentations
• Q&A Sessions


  • Objective assessment and appraisal of each individual participant.
  • Evidence-based critique of leadership capabilities individually and collectively.
  • Personal and professional development recommendations.
  • Reports to the board on the future potential and current shortcomings of their key people.
  • A whole firm overview of untapped capability.
  • Strategic advice on people issues to the MD, Group HRD and Divisional HRDs.
  • “Truth to power” on the culture and values of the organisation as observed, versus those assumed.

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