Executive Assessment

We inform selection, promotion and succession planning decisions.

In addition to expert interviews, we gather evidence from multiple sources, observed and evaluated against pre-defined competencies, which combined have high predictive validity of future success.
Assessments confirm to the assessed that they are being afforded the opportunity to demonstrate and showcase their abilities and potential.
We are licensed and registered to administer and interpret various tests of cognitive ability and personality profiling tools.
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We are careful and accurate in the work we do, and the advice we give.
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We have the people, technology and systems to work anywhere.


We work on confidential assignments. You can entrust us with sensitive projects.
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We have very experienced people, who are leaders in their fields.

We assess potential

We know that your company relies on its leadership. Without the right leadership it cannot compete, innovate, or adapt, and the cost of failure is always high.

We conduct individual one-to-one assessments designed with the current and future requirements of your business in mind.

Our psychometric evaluations and qualitative interviews provide impartial assessments of executive effectiveness. By providing the right feedback to key team members, sensitively and expertly, we enhance leadership performance, and minimize disruption.

Whatever challenges face your business, our robust approach to leadership assessment, benchmarking, and continuous development can help you mitigate risk, hasten progress, and improve retention.

Our Executive Assessments, which blend role, function, personality, and performance data, enable you to predict how successful a leader will be in current and future business contexts, so you can make the right talent-mapping and succession decisions.

Our procedures may include any or all of competency-based interviews, personality questionnaires, cognitive ability tests, case studies, work simulations and presentations. Our evaluation includes role specific considerations, personality traits, working style, preferred approaches, potential, and areas for improvement.

We provide you and the subject with comprehensive personal feedback together with a report against which future progress can be measured.
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Let’s understand your people

People decisions to make? Ensure those decisions are well-informed and based on objective measures and analysis – we are the experts, talk to us.
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