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What’s important in 2022?

What will be important in 2022?


After a challenging but very successful 2021, we look forward to 2022 with confidence. Sure, the pandemic is not yet over, but we also see great opportunities. The transformation of the industry is in full swing:


Digitization has received a tailwind from the pandemic.

It holds enormous potential, for example, in trade, industry, administration, education and healthcare.


Decarbonization of the industrial sector.

This poses the question to everyone of how they can bring CO2-neutral products to market. One factor: system integration of hydrogen.


Demographic change has affected the entire economy.

The situation in the care sector is dramatic.  Solutions are needed from politics, business and education. Approaches could be: Use of robots, optimization of dual training, improved compatibility of family and career, and skilled labour immigration laws.


Decentralization or shortening of supply chains.

Increased sustainability and resilience of supply chains is a lesson from pandemic, along with travel restrictions and the blockade of the Suez Canal.


Overcoming these obstacles and seizing opportunities requires C-level digital expertise, but also decision-making power.


We select the executives for you who will also lead confidently in an environment characterised by many uncertainties.

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