Autumn Conference 2023

24 October 2023

Our 119th Partners' Conference

This week our October conference is being held in Warsaw and our Polish colleagues are looking forward to welcoming us to their beautiful city.

As ever, the agenda comprises a rich programme of keynotes, presentations, workshops and panel discussions which will provide critical content to help our consultants, and the clients they serve, thrive.

Friisberg has a special and constant focus on helping our clients tangibly improve the outcome of their decisions. This could mean an increase in profit or revenues, but should also include growth by other measures, not least DE&I and ESG.

We have years of experience in the field of commercial negotiation across multiple sectors and around the globe. We have extensive experience in enhancing negotiation skills for leaders in the Retail, FMCG, Sport, Media, Technology, Professional Services and Pharmaceutical sectors, amongst others. Dominic Wilford, our international lead in Negotiation Consulting, will be delivering the keynote address to Partners on the benefits to our clients of honing the negotiation skills of their senior executives.

Organisations must be prepared to adapt and evolve as the world changes. Not only is there urgent action required on the climate crisis, a widespread reset of relationships between employers and employees, multiple and varied effects on economies from societal shifts, but also disruption to markets from heightened levels of conflict around the world. Such constant dislocation demands that we reflect on how we work, what we believe, and what matters most.

Business leaders need to equip themselves to address all of these complex factors and must be ready and able to negotiate successful outcomes. Friisberg can help.


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