Welcome to 2022!

4 January 2022

A new year has just begun.

It always brings new plans and dreams that we hope to realize - whether they are personal or related to our professional lives.

The past year, 2021, has provided many lessons for us all within Friisberg.

We have learned to live with the changing and challenging environment, and we’ve seen that while it may have seemed very difficult at times, we can always optimize, improve, and move forward with our business operations. In many countries this was done incredibly well, with many of our offices able to grow and declare a strong year.

Sadly we lost our founder, Jørgen Friisberg, who died last month. He will be greatly missed by all of us. We are proud to continue bearing his name and one of his legacies will be the continued growth and global success of Friisberg.

In 2022, Friisberg will introduce new Consultants and new Partners, we will open more offices around the globe and our international business opportunities will reach new heights.

Particularly over the past six months, I have received a great deal of positive feedback from those who work within Friisberg and directly from our clients that our strategic direction is sound - but as with all business it is its people who make a firm truly great.

We are extremely fortunate to have so many experienced and professional Friisberg consultants operating all around the world. Individually and together we strive to exceed our client expectations and together I know that we can expect to have an exceptional year in 2022.

Zoltan Petho,


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