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6 July 2021

Friisberg & Partners are delighted to announce their inclusion in the UK Department for International Trade Investment Support Directory.

The UK government recently updated the UK Department for International Trade Support Directory.

Friisberg has been recognised as a company that has the skills and experience to help overseas businesses establish themselves, or expand, in the UK.

At a time of both political and economic uncertainty, companies need trusted, professional advice on how to promote and grow their businesses. We already work with investors across the globe and the DIT has now made it even easier  to access our multi-sector expertise.

We are delighted to have been included and recognised as a specialist Management Consultancy firm for FDI. This demonstrates that Friisberg enjoys a reputation as a game changing and an authoritative firm providing leadership and recruitment advice to UK and international companies, ranging from start-ups to global corporates.

  • We have over 25 years' experience and skills in helping overseas businesses set up, or expand, in the UK.
  • Through our international offices, we get accurate market insights on the UK's neighbouring countries, helping you make an informed business case for expansion.
  • Our extensive network spans industry leaders, chambers of commerce and centres of R&D excellence.
  • We offer reliable industry insights, helping you make even better decisions.
  • We offer bespoke research on specific UK industries.

We always work closely with our clients, offering bespoke recruitment strategies, training insights and estimated salary projections that could be essential to the success of your business.


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