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24 March 2021

After a year that has shocked the whole world, we have become aware of how vulnerable we are and it is time for analysis and introspection.

The rules of the game have changed, and they could change again at any time. We have a duty not to superficially believe that a simple change in” how we work”, will be enough for our new reality.  We must evolve, we must learn taking this rare opportunity for self-analysis and rethinking our corporate strategy, our values, and our purpose.

Companies must be adaptable and flexible, with the ability to withstand moments of uncertainty, and with the foresight to anticipate when unfavourable circumstances might arise.

The strategy should be simple to enable prompt analysis and agile decision-making.

An organizational structure should be flat and process-oriented, where the information flows easily and where there is access to pertinent information facilitating timely reactions to unexpected situations.

We must trigger the essential part of the organization: THE TEAM, redefining the organizational culture to encourage motivation and ensure we are all rowing in the same direction. A culture of innovation, together with interconnected and continuous learning means people can develop the skills this new model demands.

Solid HR basics are essential to adapt to the ever-increasing global transformation of business. Team selection and development become a key factor, as well as the use of Business Intelligence or Big Data tools so that HR professionals can make quick decisions based on data.

  • Let us be brave.
  • Let us be humble.
  • Let us be aware.
  • Let us dare to admit our weaknesses in a market that forces us to act.
  • We must move forward.
  • We must break paradigms.
  • We must change.

Perhaps reading this article was your first step, but we would be happy to support you on the rest of your journey.

María Figueroa, Associate


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