Strategic Career Planning

30 April 2021

Can a career while juggling a family ever be 'strategically' planned?

In my conversations with successful women, I always ask to what extent they have strategically planned their careers and whether that is even possible.

Most of them never really got the idea and reflect that perhaps they could have reached their goal faster, could have taken all the salary increases and saved themselves detours.

And then there are those who were very ambitious in school and chose subjects that gave them the best opportunities on the job market. A closer look often shows that they had really noteworthy female role models.

Their chosen life partner also plays a major role. So many recommend looking carefully to see if this partner can actually live with a successful woman. If children are planned, the question arises whether both a career and children will be compatible for both parties.

I found that, especially among those women with children, they actually needed to be given the idea of


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