Resign Professionally

24 June 2021

A resignation is a strategic career move, so do it right!

Sooner or later most of us face a resignation.

Resigning is never easy, especially when you’ve worked at a company and become a part of a team, but I always recommend that you leave your employer on a positive note. If you have given your best to the job, you will be missed, especially by those most inconvenienced by your leaving.

Go straight to your boss. Your immediate supervisor should be the first person you tell about your decision to leave the company.

Give the news in person. Tell your boss that you have accepted a new position and let them know your effective last day at work.

Try to give as much notice as possible

Put your resignation in a hard copy letter that includes your last day and any transitional agreement. Keep a copy.

You also need to be prepared to leave right away- some companies require it, so if you have any personal information on your work devices, be sure to clear it off before you give notice.

Resist accepting a counteroffer. The factors that caused you to seek an opportunity outside your current employer are likely to remain in force. Aside from that, your current employer will probably lose trust in your loyalty.

Always leave on a high note. You never have a second chance to make a last impression.

Karen DelPrete
Partner, New York


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