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10 March 2022

Zoltán Pethõ was one of the key speakers at the recently launched onlyCEO Breakfasts in Budapest.

Members are given the opportunity to share an important moment or dilemma in their professional / managerial lives.

The first such conversation was undertaken by Zoltán who discussed why he decided to put himself forward for the international position of Chair of Friisberg earlier this year.

"It took immense courage actually to decide to run. I have been a member of Friisberg's Executive Committee for a number of years in an international Business Development role and so I understood how the different global markets operated, the way the local offices were run and of course I knew my colleagues well. Even so, to take on this role was a big decision. I knew it would take time, a great deal of personal commitment and of course I am still extremely busy in my own local market of Hungary!"

The Friisberg Partners overwhelmingly voted for Zoltán in July 1, 2021,

"It was a huge honour to be elected and I am committed to growing Friisberg, to strengthening our presence across international markets and to providing all our clients with unrivalled service."

We have all encountered  a similar situation that required us to step out of our normal world and to push our borders further. Zoltán's success is instructive for many of us.

The onlyCEO Club is a unique community of business leaders – a meeting place for key leaders from various industries.


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