Business Relevant Case

21 February 2022

Integration in a selection process:

It represents a practical assignment where differences in experience and personality emerge clearly. The case also provides an objectivised basis for comparing and ranking candidate presentations.

We see, even with experienced executives, that proposed solutions vary sharply in terms of the ability to shed light on the specific case, to prioritise core issues, and to apply their own experience and expertise.

In their initial meeting with the client, the candidates learn about the business, its strategies and the people involved.

The client learns about each candidate’s experience, motivation and ambitions. In this round, three-four candidates normally stand out with a relevant background, good motivation for changing jobs, personal ambitions and potential cultural fit.

In the next round, we want to develop the dialogue further. We will become better informed about how candidates approach relevant company issues. Together with the client, we therefore develop a case which gives all the candidates the same starting point for the next meeting.

The following parameters apply:

The case will reflect commercial issues at the client and is formulated in a sufficiently open way that the candidates can be invited to make their own assumptions, delineate and prioritise

Candidates receive the case two days before the meeting in order to see how they apply their knowledge and experience rather than how much time they are able to devote to preparations

Candidates are free to choose the form of their presentation

The candidate will use 20 minutes to present their solution, followed by 40 minutes of questions, elaboration and discussion.

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