Building an Innovative Culture

13 April 2021

We sat down with Magda Porizkova

Magda works with companies across various industries, guiding them through transformation and change, to build a culture of innovation and creativity.

What are the most important skills necessary for future success?

To be successful in these turbulent times, managers and leaders need to be ready for fast and unpredictable changes - they need to be able to adapt.

There are many things we need to learn to do differently, but I believe that the three most important are:

Ability to think creatively and not be afraid to experiment. Especially in larger organisations, people are not used to thinking out of the box and experimenting is not always welcome. It’s not surprising, as most of the experiments are not successful and some are costly. But if they build a baseline of an inquisitive company culture where people are not afraid to think as entrepreneurs, it is easier to come up with fresh ideas and try new things.

Ability to truly collaborate in a team and the whole organisation. As leaders we need to be able to give much more autonomy and ownership to not only build agile adaptive teams, but also cooperate between different teams much more efficiently, overcoming a silo culture. This means that managers and leaders need to re-evaluate the way they lead their teams, unlearn the command /control approach and learn how to truly empower their people.

Ability to simplify. Excessive bureaucracy is one of the main bottlenecks of efficient work. Without simplifying, a skill of getting rid of processes and procedures that don't make sense, your organisation is going to be heavy, slow and indecisive. Simplifying is a lot of hard work but it pays off - in the process you must focus on the customer and adding value and look for better ways of doing things.

What other abilities and skills do you think need to be focused on?

Mary Keane, Partner
Andrea Chladkova, Partner
Czech Republic


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