A New Beginning

11 January 2022

Will 2022 end the pandemic?

The hope is that 2022 will end the nightmare of Covid and enable us all to re-start our social relationships that have been paused over the past two years.

We have all learned so much and we strive to move forward with a positive attitude.

There is no doubt that a lack of face to face contact has had an impact on our attitudes to work.

Major European leaders, with caution, are united that 2022 will prove to be the year of the end of pandemic for 4 reasons:

  • Vaccinations: increasing worldwide;
  • Omicron effects: less dangerous and less lethal than Delta;
  • The transmissibility of Omicron will, probably, be transformed endemically;
  • The research and development of new medicines dedicated to Covid will allow us to reduce hospitalisations and mortality.

No one wants to halt the global economy again, so companies like Friisberg are working hard with business leaders around the world to re-configure their structure, create digital platforms, manage their HR structures and solve problems quickly and effectively - especially at the moment those linked to the re-opening of local economies and work places.

Since September 2021 we feel very positive that the global marketplace has 'woken up'.

We will continue to contribute, helping to build strong bridges within teams, building on new expectations and business needs around the world.

A genuinely new beginning is waiting for us all in 2022.

Aureliana De Sanctis
Associate Partner, Milan


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