Talent Trends South Africa

2 February 2021


Despite the impact of Covid-19, and a slowing economy, executive search activities are still brisk in South Africa.

Friisberg South Africa has observed:
  • Search and recruitment strategies now focus on digital transformation, automated software solutions, employee branding and employee diversity.
  • Attracting and sourcing high-skilled talent remains the top priority for employers despite the notorious shortage of skills in the country.
  • The company’s positive branding and image appeal improves the success rates of attracting and employing the best talent in the market.
  • Online job portals and social media (specifically, LinkedIn) remain the preferred digital channels for recruitment, with companies showing increased interest in social media for HR.
  • The most important change is that search companies are embracing digital solutions and moving from manual candidate screening and sourcing to recruitment management systems capable of automating and speeding up these tasks.
  • Companies are investing in AI-enabled HR software and intelligent business solutions to optimise their requisition-to-hire processes and cutting down recruitment costs.
Friisberg South Africa seeing high demand
  • Demand for professionals in marketing, warehousing & logistics as well as manufacturing & assembly are showing the first signs of recovery.
  • Naturally, the demand for medical and health professionals is growing with the increasing number of Covid-19 positive patients.
  • The IT and Finance professionals are the most sought after.
  • There is also high demand for senior and general management skills.

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