Smart connection between Private Equity, Venture Capital and Executive Search

Having the right people in place can make all the difference to a company, especially in the fast-paced and competitive environment of private equity and venture capital.

Indeed, human capital is the most valuable asset of any organization. Without a team of talented individuals working together, it is difficult for a start-up or growth company to succeed, even if it has a great product or service.

The leadership dilemma is increasingly present in private equity and venture capital firms. It is the new key criterion!

Companies that are able to access this talent have a clear advantage over their competitors.

Connecting Private Equity & Venture Capital with Executive Search

This is where Executive Search firms come in: they help private equity firms and their portfolio companies recruit the talent they need at this critical stage - and at various levels: from investment managers to fund managers to board members throughout the life cycle of the company: creation, development, support, transmission.

The Boundaries are blurring

These three types of specialists, private equity, venture capital and executive search, have always been linked at the intersection of value creation and human capital.

But sometimes the boundaries between them become blurred. Indeed, some private equity funds acquire or create their own executive search functions. On the other hand, executive search firms are also starting to get involved in the venture capital sector, launching their own funds.

A still centralized niche market – a real challenge for Executives Search

In France for example, this niche market is mainly focused on Paris and Lyon. It operates more discreetly in the regions, mostly through partnership with the local economic network, often as advisors to managers.

The challenge for Executive Search is to attract talent from other decision making centres.

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