Reputation and its importance to company branding

Steve Jobs said that it doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do. You should hire smart people so they can tell you what to do.

Employees are vital in creating your company's reputation and reputation creates value for your company.

Today, more than ever, a company’s reputation counts. We live in the digital age, where people (stakeholders, aspiring collaborators or just curious people) turn to social media and websites to get references and news about companies - and your employees can promote or destroy your corporate image.

The basis of a good reputation is employer branding - the ability of the company to become a recognised and valued brand relies on your reputation as being a great employer. In many ways your employees  are more important than your customers, because if you take care of them, they will then take care of your company.

Employees are the only people who really appreciate the ethos and culture of your company. For this reason, their opinions can have an important impact on your business and future revenue.

Employees are crucial in the creation of the company values through:

Reasons to invest more in employer branding:

Guglielmo Sallustio
Partner, Milan

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