Today's businesses require bold, visionary leadership.

On April 28-30th in Madrid, Partners convened for Friisberg's 116th Global Conference.

This conference had a particular focus on  "Energy and Infrastructure" which involved dynamic presentations and discussions that addressed the future of the sector.

Our guest speakers, Rosa Mª Sanz García, Andreas Nauen, Florian Klein and Alberto Martín Rivals led a discussion on how the world of Energy has changed significantly during the last one to two decades including the “5-D” set of trends:

These already appear as the new normal in the objectives of the Executive levels in regional as well as global energy organizations.

It was especially useful to hear from a client in renewables, with operations in dozens of countries around the world, and discuss strategies for securing the specialist leadership talent they need.

We understand that today's shifting business climate commands constant growth and innovation. To face all the challenges, we must encourage our clients to INNOVATE and for this,  the most important ingredient is PEOPLE.

Whilst the conference itself gave us the opportunity to extend our knowledge, it is always a great pleasure to meet with colleagues and friends from different countries.

When Jorgen Friisberg established our firm in 1977, he set the standard for a profession that always seeks to discover that rare talent - talent capable of launching businesses to new heights; talent that conditions future leaders for high endurance decision making, and talent to activate organizations to accelerate ahead of the competition.

We would like to thank everyone who attended our conference, and for our Spanish office who organised such a great event.

Our 116th Spring 2022 international conference: 28th - 30th April.

As ever, our conference will feature a rich programme of keynotes, presentations, workshops and panel discussions which will provide critical content to help our consultants, and the clients they serve, thrive.

Our Spring conference is being held in Madrid and our Spanish colleagues are looking forward to welcoming us, once again, to their vibrant city.

There will also be time for great networking opportunities as well as the chance to share knowledge and best practice.  We all continue our relentless pursuit of constant improvement and advancement through learning from each other and growing together. We know that culture change and purpose are gaining more attention than ever as leaders seek to define their organisations as attractive and meaningful places to work.

Change means growth. Growth means opportunity.

Organisations must be prepared to adapt and evolve as the world around us changes. We must learn how the disruptions of the recent past can be reframed for a thriving future for Friisberg and its clients.

However, the impact of social crisis, economic dislocation, and global pandemic also calls on us to reflect on how we work, what we believe, and what matters most. We are a supportive organisation and recognise that many of our colleagues, especially those whose neighbours may now be at war, are facing unknowable challenges.

We all genuinely enjoy spending time with each other and look forward to visiting our beautiful offices in Madrid.

An alternative to Reality is the Metaverse.

The Metaverse is a virtual world, one to which we will connect using a range of devices to make us think that we are really inside it - interacting with all its elements. It will be like actually teleporting to a whole new world through virtual reality glasses and other accessories.

Virtual worlds are nothing new, they have existed for a long time.

We have experienced them for decades in the videogames' industry, where by creating a character you can live adventures through your computer. However, the metaverse is not looking to be just a fantasy world, but perhaps now a kind of an alternative reality in which we can do the same things we do everyday, but without leaving our room.

Facebook and other companies are betting on the creation of a parallel, but completely virtual, universe, accessed via virtual and augmented reality devices, so we can interact with each other 'realistically'.

The key to this metaverse is that we can be fully immersive in it  - or at least much more than the current and rather basic virtual reality that exists today. We might initially need to use glasses similar to those currently available, but additionally we will use sensors to capture our physical movements enabling our 'avatar' to have a fully immersive experience.

Devices to enable interpretation of facial expressions will mean that our avatar in the metaverse can recreate us, and other people with whom we are interacting can understand how we feel. Body language will be imperative for these virtual interactions to feel 'real'.

At Friisberg & Partners we are excited about these concepts and their future applications.

We will continue to analyse how can we can utilise new technologies in our everyday professional lives - might we soon be able to evaluate candidate competencies through their behaviour in the metaverse?

Javier Uruburu
Partner, Spain

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