The constant struggle to find the balance between ‘the talk’ and ‘the walk’.

There is often a discrepancy between initial outspoken enthusiastic support for an idea, ‘the talk’ compared with the actual follow through – ‘the walk’.

Most of us will have heard convincing presentations regarding visions, strategies, clearly defined projects, actions, and willingly, cheerfully, in chorus, agreed to work towards the temptingly described goals:

“Yes we can! Yes we will! Let´s do this!”

We have seen this in several organizations, heard about it from even more, and experienced it ourselves having been infected with the warm fuzzy feeling of the unanimous ‘Team Pledge’.

But, when reality kicks in and we realize this is actually going to necessitate considerable time and effort, the contagious team spirit that made us so determined and willing to sign up, bit by bit disappears…it simply fades away. Of course we all know what we should do, but all too often we hesitate, we do not prioritize - we make excuses. Our previous ‘total commitment’ is in the end, and at best, stored under ‘Happy Shared Moments’, or at worst never spoken about again.

It has long been a challenge for each and one of us to actively (not only in words) support and stand behind agreed visions, strategies, clearly defined projects, actions etc - to make it happen!

Our virtual existence comes with many benefits, indeed online meetings are often a great forum for sharing ideas and creating impressive strategic campaigns, but we have noticed that since the pandemic many people actually have less time to follow through– they are simply trapped behind the screen, too occupied in online meetings to even find the time to eat!

As we increasingly ‘talk the talk’ paradoxically many of us have less time to ‘walk the walk’ and our brilliant strategic plans become little more than ephemeral blue sky thinking…

While we all miss our daily in-person interactions, perhaps they are more important that we ever realized in ensuring our shared and agreed upon ideas actually become reality.

Share with us your tips of how you find the balance between the 'talk' and 'walk'.

We will be waiting behind our screens...

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