Over the last five years we have further developed our Evidence-based Personnel Diagnostics (EPD) capabilities.

EPD is based on the latest and long-standing scientific findings in brain research, psychology and neuroscience. In structured interviews with narrative elements, we focus not only on personality and competencies, but above all on the predictors and potential for career success.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is clear that leaders with strong risk-taking skills, resilience, integrity, perseverance, passion, and empathy have been more successful in leading their companies and employees through the crisis. These competencies and potentials will also be necessary in the future to actively shape the digitalization of the economy, to question business models, and to change the management of employees working remotely, among other things.

With EPD we support owner and family managed companies, international corporations and portfolio companies of private equity firms in finding and selecting suitable and high-performing executives. Together we build on the company's success.

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