Decarbonization of industry in times of energy crisis.

Decarbonization is one of the major challenges facing industry. Moving away from fossil fuels requires significant industrial transformation measures.

A climate-neutral industry across Europe by 2050 is an ambitious goal and, in combination with the consequences of the war in Ukraine, a real Herculean task.

The biggest hope in the fight for greenhouse gas neutrality is hydrogen - and for me, quite rightly, as H2 is the solution to many problems. Only with hydrogen is it possible, for example, to make certain processes in the chemical industry climate-friendly. It is also the most sensible way to replace coal in the steel industry.

This ecological and at the same time economic pressure on industry also unleashes creativity.

We are seeing technical innovations and innovative business models at energy suppliers, new digital players and in industry, where, for example, work is proceeding at full speed on the production of eFuels on an industrial scale. This willingness to change across industry and society is likewise accelerating the conversion of decentralized heat and power generation in the residential sector (responsible for around 40% of CO2 emissions).

Taking into account energy policy frameworks, the efficient use of hydrogen, the necessary conversions in production or the development of smart transition solutions – decarbonization strategies become a competitive advantage for companies.

We support you in filling leadership positions to successfully shape the transformation process.

Today's businesses require bold, visionary leadership.

On April 28-30th in Madrid, Partners convened for Friisberg's 116th Global Conference.

This conference had a particular focus on  "Energy and Infrastructure" which involved dynamic presentations and discussions that addressed the future of the sector.

Our guest speakers, Rosa Mª Sanz García, Andreas Nauen, Florian Klein and Alberto Martín Rivals led a discussion on how the world of Energy has changed significantly during the last one to two decades including the “5-D” set of trends:

These already appear as the new normal in the objectives of the Executive levels in regional as well as global energy organizations.

It was especially useful to hear from a client in renewables, with operations in dozens of countries around the world, and discuss strategies for securing the specialist leadership talent they need.

We understand that today's shifting business climate commands constant growth and innovation. To face all the challenges, we must encourage our clients to INNOVATE and for this,  the most important ingredient is PEOPLE.

Whilst the conference itself gave us the opportunity to extend our knowledge, it is always a great pleasure to meet with colleagues and friends from different countries.

When Jorgen Friisberg established our firm in 1977, he set the standard for a profession that always seeks to discover that rare talent - talent capable of launching businesses to new heights; talent that conditions future leaders for high endurance decision making, and talent to activate organizations to accelerate ahead of the competition.

We would like to thank everyone who attended our conference, and for our Spanish office who organised such a great event.

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