Market analysis by the highly-respected publication Budapest Business Journal names Friisberg & Partners International as the Number One Executive Search firm in Hungary.

Árpád Németh, Friisberg's Managing Partner in Budapest said:

"We would like to say thank you to our clients for entrusting us with their valued assignments, to our consultants for their professionalism and commitment, to our Partners in Friisberg for sharing cross-border assignments with us and to the wider Friisberg community for their support. This is truly a team effort and we are delighted that our dedication to providing the very best service has been recognised. We look forward to building yet further on our successes with more hard work and great results for our clients."

This top ranking for Friisberg Hungary comes in the same year as Friisberg & Partners International was named "Top Consultant 2020" and "Headhunter of the Year 2019 (Candidate Experience)" in Germany.

Peter Strandberg, President of Friisberg & Partners International commented:

"2020 has been a very difficult year, but it is very heartening that in the last 12 months our firm has been confirmed and recognised as one of the leading Executive Search firms internationally. We look forward to continuing to succeed for our clients, success which has always been founded on our collaboration, collective spirit and our 'OneFirm' approach."

Nevena Nikolova, the Managing Partner of Friisberg & Partners Bulgaria, has been invited to be a Moderator for AGILE HR  - a virtual conference of the Bulgarian Association for People Management (BAPM) 23rd-27th November. As a member of the European Association for People Management (EAPM) and the World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA) it is a non-governmental professional organization established as a platform for sharing experience and knowledge among its members in order to raise the general level of expertise in the community in line with the increasingly dynamic business environment in Bulgaria.

As Moderator she will act as a host, introducing the guest speakers, leading the Q&A sessions and the debates, serving as an interface between the speakers and the audience, giving opening and closing speeches, and summarizing the key insights.

Read: Nevena's introduction to the BAPM Conference.

Nevana is delighted to be involved, she said:

“In a VUCA world the organization`s agility is becoming the most important capacity allowing the survival and prosperity of every company. This conference aims to challenge and inspire both business leaders and HR professionals to adopt Agile philosophy and practices by learning from key opinion leaders in the field.”

The Association was established in 2000 to develop the best professional practices in human capital management and development and to support and develop professionals in the field of human resource management, to raise the status of the profession and set high standards in work equivalent to the world practices and trends. Its mission is to support the progress of society by creating conditions for the advancement of people and organizations. It promotes sharing, interacts and partners with other professional non-governmental organizations as well as with state institutions.

Today BAPM has more than 850 individual and corporate members working in the field of human capital management and development - from various companies and industries including heads of human resources departments in Bulgarian and multinational companies, training and development managers, recruitment experts,  compensations and benefits experts, as well as managers and specialists from consulting companies, academic lecturers, communications experts.

Nevena has more than 20 years’ experience in Executive Search, Executive Assessment and Development. She is a certified Management Trainer of Group Dynamic Trainings and qualified Executive Coach. In 2015 she was elected as General Secretary of the Management Board of Friisberg & Partners International.


(Conference Website)

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