Cats or dogs?

Well my kids would have it otherwise but no cats or dogs (at the moment anyway). You see, they make the summer boating habit more challenging...

Tea or coffee?

Espresso or Cappuccino  - depends on the time of day. No tea thank you. Unless perhaps if I’m in the UK. “When in Rome” they say (or is it London in this case?).

Red or white?

Typically red. Full-bodied.

3 interesting facts about you?

I love to cook.
I'm an avid sailor.
I actually enjoy what I do for a living.

How's WFH?

I’ve been working remote for the better part of 20-years so no challenges really.
The fact that everyone else is home-working or schooling presents the challenge.


Certainly a pain in the...

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Helping companies grow.
Positioning people for mutual success in their business and career.

Why Friisberg?

Every part of the business has ownership mentality.

You in three words?

Savvy. Aware. Honest.

On Santa's list this Christmas?

A Mercedes GL 550 or better yet a G-Wagon.
There’s plenty of parking space available.
Of course, some day an electric version of the same would suit me just fine.

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