Madrid Conference April 2022

6 April 2022

Our 116th Spring 2022 international conference: 28th - 30th April.

As ever, our conference will feature a rich programme of keynotes, presentations, workshops and panel discussions which will provide critical content to help our consultants, and the clients they serve, thrive.

Our Spring conference is being held in Madrid and our Spanish colleagues are looking forward to welcoming us, once again, to their vibrant city.

There will also be time for great networking opportunities as well as the chance to share knowledge and best practice.  We all continue our relentless pursuit of constant improvement and advancement through learning from each other and growing together. We know that culture change and purpose are gaining more attention than ever as leaders seek to define their organisations as attractive and meaningful places to work.

Change means growth. Growth means opportunity.

Organisations must be prepared to adapt and evolve as the world around us changes. We must learn how the disruptions of the recent past can be reframed for a thriving future for Friisberg and its clients.

However, the impact of social crisis, economic dislocation, and global pandemic also calls on us to reflect on how we work, what we believe, and what matters most. We are a supportive organisation and recognise that many of our colleagues, especially those whose neighbours may now be at war, are facing unknowable challenges.

We all genuinely enjoy spending time with each other and look forward to visiting our beautiful offices in Madrid.


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