Lower Fences Greener Grass

15 June 2021

Is the grass really greener on the other side of the fence?

At the moment it certainly seems to be!

In 25 years our UK Partners have not seen it like this at senior levels.

After a year of ‘hanging on in there’ in roles they didn’t like, or in industries that have suffered a hit, many executives are more than ready to move.

With remote work as a viable option, employers are now casting a global net for remote workers, and clearly this has expanded the catchment area for companies looking to tempt in the best talent. And we are noticing that candidates are accepting offers promptly – especially where location is not an issue. Today alone, several candidates have accepted offers without hesitation.

Maybe this has always been the norm for junior or mid-level positions, but for executives the fence is lower and the grass greener than they have seen for a generation.

Candidates for senior roles are:

  • Readily jumping ship for better prospects and are actively gravitating to jobs more suited to their skills, interests and personal lives.
  • Rejecting business as usual, preferring flexibility.
  • Pushing hard for better reward.
  • Reconsidering their career path.

I’ve noticed many of my clients having to substantially quicken their process to secure their chosen candidate before they get snapped up elsewhere.

The biggest problem is that CEOs and HRDs have many competing priorities right now and many don’t have the bandwidth to decide and then act at the speed the market demands.

Executive Search has never been so necessary. Assignments must be expedited to minimise candidates lost to other roles, yet still conducted thoroughly and professionally.

Not only is the grass greener, but the fences between sectors are falling.

Talent is on the move, at pace.

Lorri Lowe
Partner UK


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