At the Handelsblatt EnergySummit 2024, it once again became clear that although the energy transition in Germany has made progress and the share of renewable energies was 50% in 2023, it still poses many challenges.

In order to ensure security of supply, even on days with little wind and sunshine, gas power plants are to step in, initially powered by natural gas and in the future by hydrogen. The plan is to build 20 to 30 of these gas-fired power plants. The nationwide hydrogen core network will connect hydrogen locations such as power plants, storage facilities and import corridors. MAN Energy Solutions, for example, is providing hope as to how CO2-free local heating supplies can function in the future with large heat pumps. These are expected to supply around 25,000 households. The use of synthetic methane could also be interesting as it would have the advantage that the existing gas networks could be used for distribution.

These are exciting times!

Friisberg & Partners is pleased to be shaping this transformation in utilities and the decarbonization of the industry in Germany and Europe by filling key positions.

We have repeatedly been recognized by @WirtschaftsWoche as one of the best Executive Search consultancies in the German Energy sector because we succeed in finding executives with strong implementation skills.

The first summit was held in 2021 to bring the world’s first ladies and gentlemen together to promote dialogue and find effective solutions to global humanitarian challenges through soft power, partnership, public diplomacy, exchange of experience, and implementation of joint initiatives.

The 3rd Summit of First Ladies and Gentlemen, founded by Olena Zelenska, the wife of the President of Ukraine, took place in Kyiv on the 6th September 2023.

It was hosted by British actor, director, and writer Stephen Fry and Ukrainian journalist Hanna Homonai.

The theme of the 3rd Summit was 'Mental Health: Fragility and Resilience of the Future' and opening the conference Olena Zelenska noted that it has long been an axiom for all conscious people, at least in the free world, that human life is important and mental health is the basis of this quality. She said that a life of constant anxiety, fear, and uncertainty cannot be called of high quality.

Elena Maysyura, from our office in Kyiv, was an invited guest and the participants discussed how wars and conflicts affect mental health and whether it is possible to adapt to it. She said,

"I was happy to attend as a guest and benefited greatly from the panel discussions. Sarah Brown and Stephen Fry are both incredible experts whose participation made this Summit unforgettable."

The summit consisted of three panels: 'Mental Health: The Balance of Resilience and Fragility', 'The Impact of War on Mental Health', and 'The Generation That Will Lead the World in 15 Years'.

President Zelenskyy noted that people's resilience has its limits. He said he was grateful that this Summit and such a representative discussion was dedicated to the topic of mental health.

Ukraine today demonstrates to the world a people united by common values - a people who value human life.

Last week Friisberg & Partners International was privileged to be invited to participate in the Ukraine Recovery Conference 2023 (URC23) in London from 21st – 23rd June. It is an annual global conference and was this year organized and hosted by the governments of the United Kingdom and, of course, Ukraine. URC23 brought together a coalition of thousands of representatives from civil society, businesses and governments from 59 countries to discuss and commit to support for Ukraine’s recovery and reconstruction.

Elena Maysyura, who leads our office in Kyiv, was joined by Lorri Lowe and Andrew Guy from our office in London. Speakers at the conference included Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, his Ukrainian counterpart, Denys Shmyhal, as well as President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen (who confirmed that Ukraine’s accession to the EU is imminent), US Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken, foreign ministers of EU countries, and others.

We know that Ukraine has significant economic potential. The international community came together at the conference to unlock the potential of the private sector to help Ukraine’s economic recovery. This, in turn, will support the country to come back stronger, as a modern, stable and resilient democracy.

"By building Ukraine, we are building much more than one country, we are building the world.

"Will it be peaceful? Will it be stable? Will it be democratic? It depends on each and every one of us."

President Zelenskyy (video remarks)

The focus of day three of this year’s conference was to advance private sector participation in the Ukrainian recovery and for this URC23 was hailed a great success, with one of the largest international financial commitments for reconstruction since the Second World War. By the end of the event, a total of some US$60 billion in international commitments had been made.

It was noteworthy that a recurring theme at URC2023 was the strength of human capital already in Ukraine and the willingness of the Ukrainian diaspora to rebuild the economy back home - not just after the war, but now.

With our office in Kyiv and many more in other cities in Europe and around the world, Friisberg & Partners International is ideally placed to identify and secure the right leadership for Ukraine's revived businesses and FDI projects.

Friisberg stands with Elena, her team in Kyiv, and her country - we remain united in our support for Ukraine.

Innovative Women Shaping the Future - Sharing Expertise, Experience and Outlook of Irish, Czech and Slovak Women in Business.

Mary Keane and Andrea Chladkova, from our office in Prague, had the pleasure to be invited to this inspiring event:

As a main speaker, Niamh Donnelly, Co-founder & CRO of Akara Robotics shared her story of a female entrepreneurship and was leading the discussion on technology trends and necessity of innovations and adaptability.

It was an evening full of insightful discussions with exceptional women, special thanks to those leading the roundtable discussions:

Andrea Olejarova, Mondelēz International, Lenka Axlerová, Microsoft, Eva Prokesova, JTI (Japan Tobacco International), Aneta Martišková, Edenred Česká republika, Marta Siruckova, Katarína Krajčovičová, Tereza Zavadilova, Monika Mašková, Radka Ondráčková, Senta Čermáková, Erin Swan, Eva Čerešňáková, Lenka Šťastná LION.

The event was organised by the Embassy of Ireland, Enterprise Ireland, and Newstream at the residence of the Irish ambassador to the Czech Republic H.E. Cliona Manahan.



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In 2023 Friisberg will continue to expand, globally.

We were genuinely delighted to open an office in Ukraine at the end of 2022 and two new offices in the UAE this month, We know that we are fortunate to have strong, compassionate, innovative leaders who genuinely care about our people, our clients and the overall wellbeing of Friisberg.

Good things happen when you surround yourself with positive people.

We practise what we preach.

We understand that good leaders promote a sense of trust and confidence and when it comes to being happy at work – and enjoying work is very important. We strive to maintain Friisberg as a close family of exceptional people who work hard, play hard and are at the very top of their professions.

We understand that good leaders promote a safe and collaborative environment for joint problem solving; they generate innovation, a sense of achievement, and ultimately higher levels of satisfaction.

We understand that our clients will continue to battle the War for Talent – and there is an increasing demand for the right kind of talent. For leaders, this means not only targeting, nurturing, and advancing top talent within their own organisation, but partnering with firms like Friisberg to find the right people from elsewhere.

Being a global firm, we appreciate that having an inherently diverse workforce can be an excellent source of innovation. All of our people cherish difference, embrace disruption, and foster a speak-up culture so we know we are far more likely both to retain a broader spectrum of top talent. We can therefore better understand the needs of our clients who, like us, consistently look to drive growth and innovation.

2023 will be a great year for Friisberg, and a great year for our clients, because we will continue focusing on our key value: our People.

Our 117th Partner Conference was held in Copenhagen.

Our own Diversity & Inclusion gives us a huge and sustainable advantage over our competitors. Gender parity is vital to any workplace - not just because it’s a laudable goal; it simply makes bottom-line business sense.

On Friday morning we held a Diversity Debate:

The event started with some inspiring introductions from our guests:

who shared their thoughts, knowledge, and experiences regarding diversity throughout their own careers and at CXO and Board level.

This led on to a larger group discussion where we debated how Friisberg & Partners must continue to promote increased gender diversity for our clients.

What are the barriers to increased gender diversity in 2022?

How are we profiling FPI as a company to women?

How can we help to remove the barriers which deter women from applying for the top jobs?

How do we ensure that our clients become better at attracting female talent?

We understand that our diversity is integral to success.

Gender diversity helps us to attract and retain talented women. No company can afford to ignore 50% of the potential workforce and expect to be competitive in the global economy.

We know that only the highest-performing teams, those with different opinions, perspectives, and cultural backgrounds will ultimately succeed in the global marketplace. We encourage different viewpoints, ideas, and market insights, which enables better problem solving, leading to superior performance.

We make sure it enables us to understand the unique needs of our clients and find innovative ways of addressing those needs.

All our teams have a diversity of genders, as well as backgrounds and ethnicities. But we know that hiring women, transgender, or nonbinary people into our workplace isn’t enough. – we empower our teams to not only reach, but exceed their full potential.

We make gender balance our business – and we want to make it everyone else’s business too.

Friisberg's Autumn 2022

117th International Conference

This week our October conference is being held in Copenhagen and our Danish colleagues are looking forward to welcoming us to their beautiful city.

As ever, our conference will feature a rich programme of keynotes, presentations, workshops and panel discussions which will provide critical content to help our consultants, and the clients they serve, thrive.

Friisberg has a special and constant focus on Diversity and this conference will focus on gender diversity at CXO level.

We have invited several successful leaders to join us and share their opinions on this important topic.

We know that successful organisations must be prepared to adapt and evolve as the world around us changes. However, the impact of social crisis and economic dislocation also calls on us to reflect on how we work, what we believe, and what matters most.

We are looking forward to meeting old friends, making new friends and all being together again.

The World Forum for Foreign Direct Investment is the world's oldest and foremost global event dedicated to cross border investment.

With 350 delegates from 50 countries meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland to consider and discuss developments in foreign direct investment, Friisberg was honoured to contribute.

Lorri Lowe, our UK Managing Partner, was invited to moderate the keynote panel discussion of the conference on Workforce Development & Global Competition for Talent. Her panel comprised experts from Lockheed Martin, IBM, Silicon Valley and and Auticon, a neurodiversity international social enterprise.

Andrew Guy, another UK Partner, was a panellist on the subject of Healthcare Infrastructure and Health Tech.

It was evident that the overriding consideration for investment promotion agencies throughout the world is the location availability and access to talent. Friisberg's representatives fielded numerous questions from the forum which was a cross section of the FDI community responsible for over $1.56trillion of cross border investment worldwide every year.

With over 45 years of as one of the preeminent international search firms, Friisberg is ideally placed to inform and support major investment with clients ranging from Fortune 500s to innovative tech start ups and scale ups.

Today's businesses require bold, visionary leadership.

On April 28-30th in Madrid, Partners convened for Friisberg's 116th Global Conference.

This conference had a particular focus on  "Energy and Infrastructure" which involved dynamic presentations and discussions that addressed the future of the sector.

Our guest speakers, Rosa Mª Sanz García, Andreas Nauen, Florian Klein and Alberto Martín Rivals led a discussion on how the world of Energy has changed significantly during the last one to two decades including the “5-D” set of trends:

These already appear as the new normal in the objectives of the Executive levels in regional as well as global energy organizations.

It was especially useful to hear from a client in renewables, with operations in dozens of countries around the world, and discuss strategies for securing the specialist leadership talent they need.

We understand that today's shifting business climate commands constant growth and innovation. To face all the challenges, we must encourage our clients to INNOVATE and for this,  the most important ingredient is PEOPLE.

Whilst the conference itself gave us the opportunity to extend our knowledge, it is always a great pleasure to meet with colleagues and friends from different countries.

When Jorgen Friisberg established our firm in 1977, he set the standard for a profession that always seeks to discover that rare talent - talent capable of launching businesses to new heights; talent that conditions future leaders for high endurance decision making, and talent to activate organizations to accelerate ahead of the competition.

We would like to thank everyone who attended our conference, and for our Spanish office who organised such a great event.

Our 116th Spring 2022 international conference: 28th - 30th April.

As ever, our conference will feature a rich programme of keynotes, presentations, workshops and panel discussions which will provide critical content to help our consultants, and the clients they serve, thrive.

Our Spring conference is being held in Madrid and our Spanish colleagues are looking forward to welcoming us, once again, to their vibrant city.

There will also be time for great networking opportunities as well as the chance to share knowledge and best practice.  We all continue our relentless pursuit of constant improvement and advancement through learning from each other and growing together. We know that culture change and purpose are gaining more attention than ever as leaders seek to define their organisations as attractive and meaningful places to work.

Change means growth. Growth means opportunity.

Organisations must be prepared to adapt and evolve as the world around us changes. We must learn how the disruptions of the recent past can be reframed for a thriving future for Friisberg and its clients.

However, the impact of social crisis, economic dislocation, and global pandemic also calls on us to reflect on how we work, what we believe, and what matters most. We are a supportive organisation and recognise that many of our colleagues, especially those whose neighbours may now be at war, are facing unknowable challenges.

We all genuinely enjoy spending time with each other and look forward to visiting our beautiful offices in Madrid.

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