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8 June 2021

The Polish Executive Search Firm, Rudzinska Serwinska Consulting (“RSC”) has been a Partner Firm of Friisberg since 2016.  We are delighted to announce that from today RSC has will be known as Friisberg Poland.

Anna Rudzińska and Dorota Serwińska, formerly of Korn/Ferry and Spencer Stuart respectively, started their firm in 2016 and this rebranding is timely both because of the rapid evolution of their firm as an increasingly respected provider of executive search in Poland, and also as the successful Warsaw office of an international firm working on cross-border assignments for global clients.

Whilst RSC was well-known in Poland, Anna and Dorota believe the time is now perfect to adopt a trading name which is recognised everywhere. Having been Partners of Friisberg for 5 years now, they were already entirely comfortable that Friisberg accurately reflects their own values, offers a range of premium client services and has real stature in the professional services and consulting sector. RSC and Friisberg are two strong brands synonymous with providing consulting-led executive search that their clients really value. Anna and Dorota have seen the success of Partners in other countries following a transition to the Friisberg name and the warm welcome that receives in those markets, so are they are keen to build on that yet further.

“Initially, Friisberg’s polycentric model allowed us to retain our defining characteristics as a partner-led search firm and all that meant to us, and our clients” explained Dorota, “while at the same time offering access to a broad range of national and now international expertise. However, we face a time of accelerated change and, more than ever before, we must be able to help our clients transform to meet and exceed the dynamic needs of the new normal. We are changing our name because the world around us is changing and it embodies our deep dedication to client success and relationships, wherever our clients do business. Friisberg has a determination to never stop leading the way in innovation and thought leadership, so recognising that we were already so well aligned philosophically with Friisberg, we are genuinely delighted to now be Friisberg Poland. There is a real sense of kinship throughout the Friisberg partnership, and we know that our like-minded, determined and professional partners can collectively enable the success of our clients.”

Anna continued, “This is a major milestone for us. As the Polish market accelerates this is a unique opportunity for us to better serve Polish clients as they expand elsewhere in the world, and equally for Friisberg to support international companies investing in Poland. In Poland we have noticed a significant and growing amount of cross-border work and positioning ourselves as the Warsaw office of a 40 year established firm with 40 offices around the world aligns perfectly with our abilities and ambitions. We are no less committed to our Polish clients, and they too will see that our reach, networks and expertise are enhanced on their searches.”

Zoltan Petho, Chair of Friisberg & Partners International, welcomed this rebrand, “Despite a global pandemic and economic crisis, Friisberg remains focused on its strategy to expand and innovate to connect clients to talent, internationally. We have made it our purpose to grow with our clients, as individuals and as a team, and Poland further strengthens our already significant presence in Central & Eastern Europe.”

Friisberg is embarking on a renewed expansion plan and hope to see the success of our firm in Poland replicated around the world at a time when other management consultancy firms are standing still, or even withdrawing from key markets. There is no doubt that Friisberg is becoming increasingly attractive to executive search professionals who want to become Partners in a firm that is succeeding for its clients.


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