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24 April 2023

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Like everyone else, as candidates we experienced the post-interview limbo - waiting for the outcome that might, or might not, change our future.

Today, in our role as intermediaries, we find ourselves in the position of having to accommodate the (often excessively long) timelines of the client selection process, while being all too conscious of our candidates' state of limbo.

It is an uncomfortable position.

Both client and candidate should, and must, be looked after.

Why we create a roadmap

In our opinion, the only solution is to agree a roadmap of the entire selection process, which must be respected by the entities involved.

We understand that communication with our client is vital and when a remit changes we know an agile approach is imperative to ensure the process does not stall.

At the same time, we make sure that our candidates never feel isolated. We guide them through every step of the selection process, offering answers and suggestions, preparing them for interviews and establishing long term relationships.

A timeline

Perhaps a week may be too short a time to give answers and manage what is certainly a complex process, but we think that within two months may be the right time to 'close the circle' and go from presenting candidates to hiring the best one.


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