Espresso Talent

12 April 2021

We caught up with Lorri Lowe, one of our Partners in the UK, over an espresso and asked her how companies can secure diverse talent in the post-pandemic workplace?

Progressive organisations and their leaders are now realizing that the hackneyed excuse of “there just is no qualified diverse talent” is an outdated phrase from before the pandemic.

The question of who will be returning to the physical office and who will remain virtual is a burning issue. In 2020/2021 many organizations operated in a virtual, or hybrid, workplace and there is no doubt that this has influenced how they view their current talent, how they deploy that talent and from where they now look to acquire talent.

We recognise that leaders are becoming more open to looking at how the work gets done irrespective of a specific physical location.

Women and people of colour who might have felt like outsiders in a white male-dominated in-person workforce might find working in a hybrid or purely virtual workplace an attractive way to gain career experience. Talented people who are differently-abled can now become entrants into a job market that was once physically closed to them when all work was done in-person. These are exciting options for everyone.

Long commutes to an office may have dissuaded people from working for a particular company. By casting a wider net for talent to fit new hybrid workplaces means roles can be much more attractive if newly hired talent only had to go into the office two days a week — or even one week a month.

The world has changed.

The workplace has changed.

We have all changed.

Friisberg works with organisations all over the world to help them keep pace with rapid progress and ensure they secure the very best talent.

Lorri Lowe,
Partner UK


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