Courageous Women

18 February 2021

What do women need to make it to the top?

Many résumés for women in top positions read like a handbook to business success. They didn't need a quota, the career steps followed one another seemingly logically, opportunities always presented themselves and women took advantage of them. But there are few - at least in Germany.

The legislature now wants to change that.

The plans for a binding quota of women on executive boards affect almost a third of the 100 largest listed companies in Germany because 29 of them have more than three board members, but no position for a woman, according to an analysis by the Boston Consulting Group.

As a diversity officer, I speak to highly qualified women in management positions every week. Many of them have come along a rocky road, yet not all are in favour of a quota; and have differing opinions on the advancement of women.

But when it comes to the question of what women need above all to make it to the top, they all agree:


Courage to seize opportunities and also to fill uncomfortable roles - even if you do not yet have all the skills.

What do you think?

Do women lack courage?

I look forward to a lively exchange with you!

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Meltem Ay
Principal, Germany


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