Janet Tweed

Miami FLUnited States
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Janet Tweed was the founder of Gilbert Tweed International, Inc. over 30 years ago.

Janet’s extensive knowledge of US, Europe and Asia combined with her broad experience in diverse industries and senior line functions, enable her to advise clients on all critical aspects of establishing and managing businesses flawlessly.

Her intuitive and innate ability to precisely quantify and qualify the potential of executive candidates has enabled her to interact with and gain access to the most qualified executives throughout corporate America. These impeccable credentials have led to the long-term, trusted relationships she has with many Fortune 500 clients.

Janet’s sterling leadership is underscored by keen creativity and decisiveness, tempered with an acute sensitivity to corporate cultures when assessing and locating high caliber senior executives.

Her clients have always benefited from her intellectual prowess, her deep sense of purpose, her extensive access to high-level contacts, and her comprehensive knowledge of the marketplace. Importantly, she can think “outside the box” when dictated by the situation.

Her commitment to her clients has earned her an outstanding but well-deserved reputation and position in the Executive Search world.


  • Automotive
  • Banking / Financial
  • Consumer / Retail
  • Industrial
  • Life Sciences
  • Professional Services
  • Transportation


  • Non-Executive
  • Board
  • Consulting
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Sales

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