Case Study Healthcare

Case Study Healthcare

15 April 2021

Management Audit

Healthcare Provider – Leadership Development

Management audit is used for the evaluation of the upper and top management levels. It is a useful tool for companies wanting to get a clearer picture of what is really going on within their organization.

Organizations with diverse, inclusive leadership teams consistently attract the best talent, deliver superior customer experiences, and outperform the competition.


We were contracted by a large healthcare organisation, employing c.1,000 staff and delivering over 60 patient services, to work with the Board to identify critical development areas for the executive team, and to enable the organisation to successfully navigate its journey towards becoming an autonomous provider of high quality, cost effective healthcare services.

We were asked to design and deliver a Leadership Development Programme to enable:

  • The senior management team to demonstrate or develop the attributes required to lead successfully through organisational change.
  • Individual team members to succeed in at Director level.


We identified the necessary skills and behaviours (both individual and collective) via a combination of stakeholder meetings and a review to evaluate potential leadership competency models.

We assessed the capability of existing team members through a structured assessment programme, which included the completion of 360 feedback and self-perception questionnaires; a structured presentation and interview; a commercial in tray analysis; and preparation of written report.

We evaluated the development potential of the existing team through structured discussions based upon the results of assessment exercises, and previous management development initiatives undertaken by the individuals.

We defined the development routes necessary for individuals to fulfil their potential, including training, coaching and team initiatives.


As a consequence of the programme, the senior management team:

  • Were aware of the development routes to follow, as individuals and as a team.
  • Worked on their personal development needs as leaders for the future.

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