Welcome Ioana Badea

8 September 2021

We are delighted to introduce Ioana Badea.

Ioana has joined Friisberg & Partners, Romania as a Digital Technology Partner.

With a background in Human Resources Management and an extensive experience in technical recruitment and organisational development, Ioana is an open minded and creative individual, with a special interest in adding value to different organizations by recruiting the most suitable employees.

Her curiosity and attention to detail, together with more than 10 years in different digitalized industries from gaming to air traffic control systems and space, means she has the key qualities necessary to manage the relationship with our clients in the Digital & Technology sector.

Ioana has extensive technical understanding due to her experience within different fast-paced environments, with multi-layered organisations focused on research and development of hardware and software throughout Romania, the Netherlands and Germany.

Embracing Agile philosophy for many years, the Scrum Master certification came naturally, offering her the advantage of understanding in depth group dynamics as well as the software production environment.

Ioana is also a social activist promoting growth attitude and conscious change. She enjoys up-cycling projects and has a special interest in renewable technologies, nanotechnology and innovation for a better future of our planet.


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