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Veronika Mohacsi in 60 seconds

Cats or dogs?


Tea or coffee?


Red or white?

White. And bubbly.

3 interesting facts about you?

I do a lot of gardening, it’s therapeutic.
I love spicy food.
I’m planning to swim across Lake Balaton next summer

How’s WFH?

I’ve found that I’m not a big fan of working from home.
But I kind of knew that already.


A wake-up call for us never to take anything in life for granted.
Message received.
Now please leave.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

The great diversity of the positions and markets I work in, I’m always learning new things!
Also, the thrill of having a satisfied client having hired a great candidate.

Why Friisberg?

It’s a great mix of dedicated professionals who also like to have fun.

You in three words?

According to my children: kind, hard-working and strict.

On Santa’s list this Christmas?

Santa, I have everything I need.
But the world needs an affordable and reliable vaccine asap.

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