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3 Ways to Slice a Pineapple

A Pineapple?

It is what first came to mind, probably because the sun is shining and I am hoping for summer. There is probably an extended metaphor in there somewhere (not judging on appearances / digging beneath the surface…), but here I am actually referring to 3 ways you can find the right Search firm with whom to work.

We know that, due to the pandemic, many companies have been forced to reduce staff and freeze recruitment in an attempt to cut costs, but advertising and crossing your fingers hoping that the right candidate will apply, simply does not work for executive level hiring.

It’s not just about tapping into existing networks either – i.e.. who the exec team or the board might already know – they know who they know, but have no idea who they don’t know.

That’s why for companies looking to change or add to their existing leadership team, engaging with a reputable Search consultant really matters.

But who can you trust?

  • Choose a reputable consultancy firm with whom you can build a lasting partnership – a relationship built on trust, understanding and shared appreciation of strategic and cultural goals. 
  • Choose a firm who will seek to fully understand your problem and only then deliver tailored solutions. Define together what success looks like in the role and make sure they will uncover the person behind the résumé.
  • Choose a firm with an established understanding of the market, rather than just one industry or market segment. Make sure that they can describe an effective process and demonstrate the ability to provide an exceptional candidate experience. 

Successful hiring is the most important thing you will do in growing your business, so invest in outside professional help, but make sure you invest in the right professional help.

Lorri Lowe,
Partner, UK

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