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Partner Spotlight

We spoke with Luis Saverio Stateri, our Partner in Brazil, to hear his Friisberg story.


You have been a Partner in Friisberg for a couple of years. What was the career path you took to get to where you are today?

I have been working in Management Consultancy and Executive Search for more than 15 years.

Taking the opportunity to start my own firm in 2007 we experienced significant growth over the following years in Brazil and in Latin America.

Our international presence steadily grew too which meant we were able to better serve our clients in different countries. However, I realized that in order to support our global clients in a more complete way, we should be able to support them in person wherever they were located. To implement such vision, the only way was to be a part of a well established and highly regarded global firm – this led me to join Friisberg in 2019.

What has been the biggest change in Management Consultancy and Executive Search over the last 5 years?

The past few years have been quite challenging for Management Consultancy and especially Executive Search, with growing competition between firms and a lack of true differentiation between them.

From the client’s perspective, with the world moving faster each year, the speed at which many companies revisit their strategies must be in synchrony with the changes brought by innovation and growing importance of social and environmental impact. So, in order to differentiate itself and to deliver what the companies need, a consulting firm must address these issues properly and rethink its whole business model: frameworks, pricing, structure, culture and people.

That’s why I believe that Management Consultancy, Executive Search, Technology and Sustainable Organizational Development together will comprise the handbook of high-end consultancy for the years to come.

What do you enjoy most about being part of Friisberg?

Our global presence is truly impressive, but I remain rapt with the sheer in-depth local knowledge of each country office. Our teams are all highly experienced and we are all genuinely supportive of one another.  This last year has really highlighted just how effectively we all work together – even during some truly dreadful times in different countries. There is zero arrogance in Friisberg and no big egos – I like that.

What qualities do you look for in a new consultant when joining Friisberg in Brazil?

  • You have to passionate about connecting and building relationships with all sorts of different people.
  • You must have a never ending curiosity and be willing to learn more and more each day.
  • Understanding that our clients’ goals are Friisberg’s goals is vital to allow a genuine engagement and alignment with our clients´ strategy.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time when you are not working hard?

I love reading, swimming, running and spending time with my wife and daughter doing whatever they like. I also actively engage with activities and groups focused on discussions about the green economy and inequality.


Luis Saverio Stateri, Partner


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