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Executive & Governance

The Executive of Friisberg & Partners International comprises shareholding Partners, elected by the Partnership.

The Governance of our firm is set out in a Partnership Agreement which is signed by all Partners.


Our Partnership Agreement includes:

  • Structure – how we organise and administer ourselves
  • Business Ethics and Code Conduct – to which our Partners and consultants adhere
  • Quality Standards & Audits – with which all Partners and consultants must comply
  • Election Procedures – by which we select and elect our Executive


Friisberg & Partners International is an equity partnership and as such, with shareholders in the various countries in which we do business, we are a single legal entity. With our Partners as the owners, executive and fee-earners we have a shared and common interest in ensuring the best outcomes for our clients, and each other. We are “OneFirm” and yet maintain the local presence and market knowledge to support our clients wherever they do business.


  • Chair: Zoltan Petho
  • Chief Financial Officer: Nevena Nikolova
  • Chief Quality Officer: Nijolė Kelpšaitė
  • Chief Communications Officer: Lorri Lowe
  • Chief Business Development Officer: Jacob Gylling Mahler
  • Chief Expansion Officer: Mary Keane



Our People
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