Stronger Finnish

11 March 2020

Friisberg & Partners International’s Finnish firm, Momentous, is one of the leading executive search companies in the Nordics and has taken a significant step forward in its development by merging with Psykologitoimisto Cresco, a consultancy specialising in business psychology.


Friisberg & Partners Finland / Momentous-Cresco now offers expert services in executive search, leadership development, recruitment, personnel assessment, change management, strategic HR and organisational development all from one firm. Service offerings will continue to be diversified and deepened, which will add increasing value to clients.


In addition to high-quality executive search and management audit services Friisberg’s Finnish clients now have access to more diverse psychological analyses and assessments, as well as individual, team, leadership, and organisational advisory services. Friisberg’s long-established strengths in leadership development services, now combined with Cresco’s, enhance understanding of how business environment, strategy, culture and people come together to best effect.


With such complimentary services all available from a one-stop-shop, Friisberg in Finland is able to build and tailor client-specific teams and advise clients better, on more. This merger takes Friisberg’s engagement with clients from a project-by-project basis on towards continuous strategic cooperation.


For more information, please contact:

Mika Rossi
Managing Partner
Friisberg & Partners Finland
+358 400 588 696