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25 October 2021

The 115th Global Friisberg Conference took place in Milan last week.

The Friisberg Conference usually takes place biannually allowing many of our Partners to gather under one roof. It is a two-day event of learning, featured sessions, celebration events and networking.

Last week we had a fantastic number of attendees with a truly international presence. It was 18 months since our last physical conference - and how the world has changed in this time.

Friisberg is expanding internationally, and under the leadership of our inspiring new Chair, Zoltan Petho, there was a big focus on our international activity. He introduced his vision entitled ‘Friisberg 2025’ which included ‘International Moving Forward’, Case Study Presentations and an internationally focused Digital Marketing discussion. He actively listened to all ideas, needs, and suggestions integrating feedback into the then agreed strategy.

Zoltan Petho said,

“The conference provided a long overdue opportunity to meet each other once again. We asked some tough questions and highlighted the way forward through concrete actions and measured results. Our conference reinforced how we are all connected by this passionate commitment to support our clients and grow our firm.  It is always inspiring to be in a room filled with people so unbelievably committed to their work. “

The big takeaway from our conference was that increased specialisation and a growing complexity in client issues has created a demand for consultants who are not only technical experts in their own particular field, but also consultants who can collaborate with others throughout the firm, and often around the world, to solve multifaceted problems.

Friisberg works in a uniquely collaborative way and throughout all levels of our clients’ organisations. We are bound together by the shared goal of helping our clients thrive and enabling them to make their businesses better.

Friisberg’s true multidisciplinary collaboration means that our people can genuinely combine their perspectives and expertise and tailor them to our clients’ needs such that the outcome is more than the sum of the participating individuals’ knowledge.

Of course, the Friisberg Conference was not just all work and no play...

One of the key benefits of attending the Conference was to catch up with colleagues and make new connections with the local teams. During the two-day event, Friisberg Italy hosted a fantastic Gala Dinner with Campari cocktails in the centre of Milan and an evening event at the Gucci rooftop bar. These allowed all attendees to unwind, cement established relationships and to make new friends.




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