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Marvin Siebert in 60 seconds

Cats or dogs?


Tea or coffee?


Red or white?


3 interesting facts about you?

I have a predilection for timepieces… (I’m a specialist in the luxury goods industry).
I meditate daily, as part of my workout.
I have a passion for boxing, but I don’t spar anymore (a black eye is not a good look in a client meeting, and I also don’t want to damage my brain cells!)

How’s WFH?

In my case it was no more than 30%.
I am lucky that I can to drive door to door and can easily avoid contacts.
Most of the time there are no more than ten of us in the office and we all close our doors.
So far, we have not had any cases of Covid19 in the team.
However, working from home from time to time is not a problem for me.


The most important thing in life, is health…
Thanks to the efforts and creative ideas of the team, we’ve still had a good year.
Nevertheless, we’re looking forward to the recovery in the coming years.
We are focused on the positive, and learning.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

The combination of the industry focus (in my case Consumer & Luxury) and the network of inspiring personalities that comes with it.
Furthermore, I’m passionate about the personnel diagnostics aspect.
Our job is to predict the performance and the professional success of people, in a VUCA world – this is what makes our job extremely exciting.

Why Friisberg?

The authenticity, the drive and the invaluable knowledge sharing.

You in three words?

My Italian fiancée says:

On Santa’s list this Christmas?

Time with family and friends.

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