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Management Audit

How does your organisation act when change occurs?

That conditions change is a well-known fact.

Some we can anticipate and prepare for, and some are beyond our control.

For over 20 years, we have audited both local, global, profit-driven, non-profit driven organizations.

Our overall experience is that organisations that best handle changing conditions are primarily characterized by:




  • Clear leadership, meaning managers showing decisiveness towards the organization by taking decisions, as well as leading the way in the new change;
  • Current market knowledge – (business intelligence), meaning they fully understand and adapt to the actual market conditions that exist;
  • Distinct loyalty and being proud of being a part of the organization.
  • Collaboration or understanding between different parts of the organization.
  • Addresses the organization’s needs before personal, local, or regional needs.

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How prepared is your organisation for future changes and challenges?

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