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Luis Saverio Stateri in 60 seconds

Cats or dogs?


Tea or coffee?


Red or white?


3 interesting facts about you?

  1. In the 1980s I was bullied as a kid for being a “nerd”,  now it is cool to be a “nerd” (lucky you, millennials).
  2. Definitely lucky or blessed: I was in a plane accident in 1990s (an engine caught fire) and in 3 hurricanes in 2017 in Florida, surrounded by floods.
  3. Passionate about opera and classical music since I was a kid (which explains number 1…)

How’s WFH?

It´s been a unique experience. Great to see that we can still add the same value to our clients and candidates. I love to participate in my daughters´ home-schooling.


Terrible crisis indeed, but I see it as an opportunity for improvements in science and social behaviour.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Changing people’s lives through better career opportunities.

Why Friisberg?

Global presence associated with deep knowledge of each country.
Highly experienced Partners.
Definitely the most sympathetic Executive Search firm in the world – zero arrogance and frivolity.

You in three words?


On Santa’s list this Christmas?

At least 212 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine.

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