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Gender Balance

Friisberg & Partners International operates in many countries and across multi-national jurisdictions. Whilst there will be variations in legislation and expectation regarding gender representation on executive management teams and in boardrooms, we recognise that equality is the social justice for which we and our clients should strive every day.

We will endeavour to offer our clients gender balanced shortlists and will actively seek to identify female candidates in markets where under-representation has been an historic problem.

We have been entrusted with Female Talent Mapping & Tracking projects for one of the world’s largest and best-known companies, but we apply the same principles to every search we undertake for every client.

We are reluctant to work to “quotas” and will always make our recommendations based on the merits of the individual, irrespective of gender.

Friisberg & Partners International is itself an exemplar of gender balance and as such we can reassure our clients that they are working with a firm that has its own house in order and can therefore advise on gender issues without hypocrisy.

We have not manufactured or contrived our own gender balance – it has come about, naturally, by empowering individuals, backing success and promoting talent.

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