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Gadea Zumarraga in 60 seconds

Cats or dogs?


Tea or coffee?

Coffee in the morning, helps making my brain work.
Tea for the rest of the day.

Red or white?

Red in winter.
White in the hot Spanish summer.

3 interesting facts about you?

I love skiing, biking, swimming, playing tennis, scuba diving.
I broke my tailbone tobogganing with my daughter 2 days before turning 40, good start…
After much effort I have reached a good work life balance: working hard, sports, partying and enjoying time with my friends and my children!

How’s WFH?

It is nice to have the flexibility of working from home, it saves the time we spend going to the office and helps with full concentration.
But after several weeks I started missing my team´s discussions and brainstormings, innovation flows when working together in a same room and team building gets difficult with distance.


It has been a global crisis and businesses have struggled, but people have showed high engagement and flexibility in an uncertain environment.
I have felt proud of the high ability to adapt to difficult circumstances of my team, family and friends, and learned a lot from my children.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Team building, client engagement and the feeling that I am helping with people´s professional careers.

Why Friisberg?

The team.
We feel close to each other, understand diversity and the differing situations of the various partners.
We have a focus on being helpful to each other.

You in three words?


On Santa’s list this Christmas?

Lots of new and inspiring engagements!

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